A Blue Ridgey fall, day 3: the Blue Ridge Parkway

After another tour of the Christmas tree farms near the Cabins at Healing Springs, we packed up, checked out, and went in search of Doughton Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Blue Ridge Parkway?  Definitely had leaves at peak:


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Joys of the Piedmont: swimming in late October edition

Would you believe Scott, Sasso, and I went swimming yesterday–October 18?  In a big, rushing river an hour from home?  And that it was warm and perfect in every way*?  I certainly wouldn’t have believed such a thing was possible before moving here, but now I am realizing that October, the best month in many places, is perfect in central North Carolina.

We took a day trip to Raven Rock State Park, currently our favorite place to take Sasso hiking. It’s a delightful, sunlit-foresty 2.5-mile hike from the parking lot to Lanier Falls.


Lanier Falls. Sort of cheating, this picture is from June.

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Planning my first trip!

On Monday I am heading off into the wilds of the northern Blue Ridge for my first solo (plus Sasso!) trip.  We’ll be staying at a cabin in the northwestern corner of the state, near the Virginia border and several state parks.  I’ve got short hikes picked out for each day and I’ve heard rumors the cabin is near a hot spring.  There will be expeditions into local towns for food and local flavor, but I plan to spend substantial chunks of time curled up in my cabin with Sasso and a good book.

The fall color is supposed to be at peak, so I fully expect it to look like this:

From blueridgeparkwaydaily.com, the site that tells me the leaves are at peak.

I can’t wait!