Joys of the Piedmont: swimming in late October edition

Would you believe Scott, Sasso, and I went swimming yesterday–October 18?  In a big, rushing river an hour from home?  And that it was warm and perfect in every way*?  I certainly wouldn’t have believed such a thing was possible before moving here, but now I am realizing that October, the best month in many places, is perfect in central North Carolina.

We took a day trip to Raven Rock State Park, currently our favorite place to take Sasso hiking. It’s a delightful, sunlit-foresty 2.5-mile hike from the parking lot to Lanier Falls.


Lanier Falls. Sort of cheating, this picture is from June.

Lanier Falls is a great place to let your dog and husband run off-leash and work off a lot of energy–there aren’t too many places to go once you’re on the rocks in the middle of the river, even for strong swimmers*.



*When I said perfect in every way, and that there aren’t too many places to go for strong swimmers, I may have been over-looking certain details.  Such as the tennis ball (pictured above) getting swept downriver, Scott jumping in after the ball, Sasso jumping in after Scott, and me jumping in after Sasso.


Scott out in the middle of the river, with Sasso swimming after him.

I may also have been over-looking other adventures, such as Sasso anticipating our desire to cross to the far side of the river, but not our inability to do so (at least without destroying things like cameras and cell phones–what does a dog care about those?).  This ended with Scott getting dunked in the rapids and chasing Sasso through the forest barefoot.


On the far side. Dripping wet, but triumphant after luring Sasso back from the joys of the forest with damp hot dogs.

Or maybe I wasn’t over-looking anything.  All three of us left tired, but happy and safe.


4 thoughts on “Joys of the Piedmont: swimming in late October edition

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