A Blue Ridgey fall, day 3: the Blue Ridge Parkway

After another tour of the Christmas tree farms near the Cabins at Healing Springs, we packed up, checked out, and went in search of Doughton Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Blue Ridge Parkway?  Definitely had leaves at peak:


Hiking North Carolina (yes, again) recommended a number of hikes right along the Parkway.  The Parkway was under construction though, so all I could do is crane my neck and try not crash while admiring the views from the road.

We stopped near the Brinegar Cabin (but didn’t manage to get any pictures of it because *someone* was freaked out by all the people and cars also trying to see the cabin (who says cars don’t enjoy learning about history?)) and took a stroll on the Bluff Mountain Trail, which runs parallel to the Parkway (if either the trail or the Parkway can be said to run anything like parallel to anything).  The sunlight filtered through tall, creaky pine trees, and occasionally we had views over the valleys.



And then?  Then it was time to begin the drive back to Chapel Hill. But I could continue to enjoy the Parkway for a while longer, watching the colors all around us and the way a beam of sunlight could light up a yellow tree and turn it brilliantly gold.


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