A weekend in Charleston, (South) Carolina: Friday evening

Scott and I arrived in Charleston, South Carolina (yes, yes, this blog is about North Carolina, but hey, gotta get to know your neighbors, right?) late on Friday afternoon, the day after Christmas, checked into our hotel, and immediately headed for the beach. Well, the ocean.  Well . . . the harbor. Whatever.


Did someone order a sunset?

We took in the sights . . .

. . . the Ravenel bridge . . .

. . . the Ravenel bridge . . .

. . . a building on an island we thought was Fort Sumter but turned out not to be . . .

. . . a building on an island we thought was Fort Sumter but turned out not to be . . .


. . . a ginormous cargo vessel . . .


. . . a giant battleship? . . .

Aaaaand . . .




Two of them! Swimming side by side!

Duly impressed and whole-heartedly believing that Charleston is indeed as awesome as they say, we headed back to our hotel  to warm our toes a bit before dinner.  Charleston is pretty warm, even relative to the not-so-far-north where we live, but not warm enough, it turned out, for me to wolf down a giant waffle cone full of gelato and then stand on the boardwalk over the harbor for an hour at sunset on December 26 without getting chilled.

On the way back, I enjoyed trying my hand at some night scenes of Charleston:

Then we stopped at the park next to our hotel to enjoy the holiday lights on a giant “tree”–you know, kind of like a maypole with lights in place of ribbons.  This was my shot:


This is a sampling of Scott’s interpretations:

Realism is overrated, even in photography.

We ended the evening at Edmund’s Oast.  We’d picked restaurants for our trip by reading the New York Times travel articles covering Charleston, particularly this one. (A very Northern way to explore the South, I know.)  Anyway, Edmund’s Oast was incredible–kind of like a modernist medieval banquet hall serving delectable and innovative dishes (also a brewery, though we were stopped in our drinking tracks by the sumptuous cocktails). We were seated at a bar overlooking the kitchen; we found watching the cooks to be a treat.

Here’s my one food picture for the trip, a view of my mouth-watering, subtly Thai-flavored fried whole flounder and my cocktail, based on rye whiskey and lapsang souchong:


Our weekend in Charleston was off to a great start!


4 thoughts on “A weekend in Charleston, (South) Carolina: Friday evening

    • Scott set the shutter speed at 0.8 seconds and then moved the camera. For the first one, he just turned in a circle. For some of the others he took, he zoomed in and out and also moved the camera.


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