Little green plantlings and hope

Remember how, anticipating spring, we started building garden beds a month ago? And then winter came and brought construction to a snow-covered standstill?


Garden bed skeletons shivering in the snow.

We finally had enough spring-like weather to finish the garden beds!

Saturday of the weekend before last the sun came out and we buckled down to work.  Scott wheeled my compound miter saw (yes, in this house, the power tools are mine) up from the basement and measured and cut the cedar planks. He ran (literally) the planks from the carport to the beds, and I bolted and screwed it all together.

We attached a multi-colored and textured covering to the frames, seen here early the next morning:


Then we added more lumber on top, to make ourselves nice little benches to sit on while gardening:

Next we had topsoil and compost delivered:


You can probably imagine what happened next . . .


Yup. That.

The dirt was delivered last Thursday afternoon and it was supposed to rain most of the day both Friday and Saturday, so in order to avoid our driveway becoming a muddy morass, we began the massive task of moving all that dirt into the garden beds on Thursday evening.  First we lined the bed walls with plastic, then put down hardware cloth (which looks like chicken wire to me) to prevent little critters from burrowing up into our beds from underneath.  Then we’d both shovel the dirt into our wheelbarrow, and Scott would back the wheelbarrow up to get a head start and then run up the hill pushing it.  (I tried a couple of times . . . with poor results. Like crashing into things.)  Then we’d dump the dirt, mix it up a bit, and reload.

We worked from about 6:30 to 9, the clang of our shovels accompanied by some strange animal sounds coming from the forest.  Fox? Bobcat? College kid playing a prank?  Whatever it was, we made Sasso stick near us in the front yard.

Next came the really exciting part.  On Sunday, after the rain passed and the sun came out, we planted things!


All done! Well, except for the maintenance part.

Things like . . .

As you can see, we wrapped the garden beds in deer netting in another attempt to fend off critters.

It’s possible we planted too many things.  We developed careful plans for exactly what was going to go where, but then we got to the garden store and additional plants kept jumping into our cart. I wonder if we’re going to have the fortitude to thin our little green plantlings appropriately when they need space.

We bought too much dirt, so we could always build a third bed . . .


. . . or just let Sasso have a mud pit to play in.

For now, our seedlings are basking in the sun in the front yard.  In a month when the trees are fully leafed out, however, things may be different.

Gardening is an act of hope and all that, right?

Wish us luck.


12 thoughts on “Little green plantlings and hope

  1. Luck!

    I looked at our garden beds yesterday and realized that the dandelions have gotten a head start on us. If we (or Grace and Phil) do some weeding, we should be able to begin planting root vegetables at least.


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  2. Looking good! I wish we were warm enough to plant anything now. Tulips and hyacinths started popping up last week, but now it’s snowing again with a couple-few inches possible by tomorrow. Snickers and Polly are okay with it (Polly’s like a little kid in the snow, and Snickers is our snow dog), and it’ll melt soon enough, but we had it really warm for a while there. I think I got spoiled and forgot it’s still March here. 🙂 You’ve inspired me, though. I was contemplating raised beds, since our veggie garden area is now a rock-and-ornamental grasses garden. I might stick with pots just to watch something grow that we can harvest this year. I look forward to seeing how your plants grow!


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