Sprouts! We have sprouts!

I came back from three days in DC and found . . .


. . . A SPROUT!

One of several onion sprouts, started from onion sets (which I’m trying to tell myself is not cheating, at least not any more than collard green transplants like the one pictured above).

But we also have little tiny shoots of what I sincerely hope are beets, which we started from seed:


A couple other things are growing in our yard too:


A happy spring-time surprise–we didn’t plant them, and they didn’t come up last spring.


And whatever kind of plant this is.


11 thoughts on “Sprouts! We have sprouts!

  1. I can’t tell you how foreign it is to me to see you are planting seeds outdoors right now. Every instinct in my body is screaming “no, you still may get snow or a hard frost!”. We started a bunch of seeds indoors several weeks ago and we have it all set up with a grow light. The cats got to one tray and mowed down my kohlrabi, but we have some tomatoes and watermelon going so far. They won’t be going into the ground until at least April 15th or later. I liked your garden beds – feel like flying out to Denver to help us build one? It’s only 18 feet by 30 feet. Piece of cake, right? 😉

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    • You have a much bigger operation than our two wee little beds! And also a different climate–it better not snow here now! But we also planted cool weather conditions crops, not tomatoes or watermelon. We are hoping to harvest this round, then plant again for summer, then again for fall, and maybe grow some stuff even through the winter (like kale). How’s the winter growing season in Denver?


    • Thanks for the perspective, Michelle. You are right! And it’s not like gardening is a game with set rules we are trying to win. We will “win” no matter what if we manage to grow some vegetables.


  2. Nice pics! It’s been a while and I’m late to the game…. Our hyachinths started to come up back when, and then the snow came for a couple of days. They took so long to bloom that I think their schedule is all messed up this year. They’re still around, which never happens, and I can stand in one place and see our tulips, hyacinths and blooming pear tree all in one blink. Odd year – again. Nights are finally not worrying me about getting a frost. Fingers crossed up here in the Midwest. 🙂


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