Sasso’s adventures on Ocracoke

When I meet people who have lived in North Carolina longer than I have (not hard to do!), I often ask them what their favorite place to go on vacation in the state is.  I’ve gotten a shocked “What? You haven’t been to the Outer Banks yet?” several times, and when I was trying to figure out where exactly in the Outer Banks to go, a new friend suggested Ocracoke Island.  I immediately made a reservation at the National Park Service campground on Ocracoke Island for Memorial Day weekend.


Ocracoke Island is beautiful and, amazingly, didn’t feel all that crowded, even though it was one of the two busiest weekends of the year.  We spent a lot, lot of time playing on the wide open and uncongested beaches, and a little time exploring the charmingly haphazard town.

The trip had a lot of firsts for Sasso.

First ferry ride (from Hatteras to Ocracoke) (You can click on the pictures to see bigger versions and to read the captions if they’re not showing.):

First camping trip:

First time racing Scott across the beach:

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First time running with me through the waves:

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First time rolling in the sand:

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First trip to a restaurant where she realized it would be more pleasant if she lay down (Dajio Restaurant):

First 5:30 a.m. sunrise stroll on the beach:

First time in a boat (a two-person sit-on-top kayak):

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First time landing on a deserted beach:

First time playing with a coconut:

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First time napping under a rainbow beach umbrella on a beach with waves that seem to be emanating light:

It was a monumental weekend for Sasso. The two of us humans had a lovely weekend too, though perhaps a little more relaxing and less life-changing.

Before heading back to Chapel Hill on Monday, we made a few last stops . . .

One last trip to the Ocracoke Coffee Company:

We swung by the horse pasture:


Not exactly wild. If wild horses is what you want, check out Assateague.

We had one more romp on the beach:

We picked up some souvenirs to take home:


And then we hopped back in the car, and said good-bye to our little vacation.


9 thoughts on “Sasso’s adventures on Ocracoke

  1. Gorgeous! You all – but Sasso in particular – look like you had so much fun. A romp indeed. 🙂 A whole series of romps! Love the levitating photo and the ones of you all in the kayak – actually, so many wonderful photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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