Last hike of the summer, an old place with new (dog) eyes

Today is the equinox; it’s hard to believe summer is over! Hard to believe for a couple of reasons–one, of course, is that in North Carolina the weather has just recently shifted from so sticky you sweat when you twitch to pleasantly warm.


“Fall, at last!” says Sasso. “Now it’s time to RUN!”

It’s also hard to believe because the summer has gone by far too fast.  As I mentioned just a couple of times in my posts in the spring, it has been a very busy year at work for me, which has left me with relatively little leisure time.

Leisure time I filled in July, just over two months ago, with a new dog, Lizzie.


Cute as a button, and worth every second.

And THEN, when I finally had vacation time in August, I went north, true north, to the Adirondacks in upstate New York, instead of spending more time exploring North Carolina.

So it was last weekend, the last weekend of summer, that Scott and I, and Sasso and Lizzie, headed back to White Pines Nature Preserve for an afternoon jaunt. (We wanted to go hiking in the afternoon! That’s a tell-tale sign summer is almost over in North Carolina.)

Scott and Lizzie, in coordinating orange and white ensembles, bolted up and down the trails, with Sasso following close behind.


I followed a little farther behind that, at a much slower pace.


Sasso got to swim.


And shake.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lizzie got to drag Scott around.

We all got to enjoy the view.


And we went home relaxed and tired.


Well, I went home tired; Sasso and Lizzie chased each other around the yard for another hour afterwards.


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