About Lizzie

On the theory that if one dog is great, two dogs will be excellent, we adopted Lizzie in July 2015, also from Paws4ever, the rescue organization we adopted Sasso from.

Swim, Lizzie, swim!

Swim, Lizzie, swim!

Lizzie appears to be an English coonhound, also known as a red tick coonhound, and we’ve begun to suspect that Lizzie was a working hunting dog before she was lost (or left behind? the sadness!) on a hunt.  She has a powerful desire to charge after scents in the forest and can get very agitated if she thinks she’s found us a deer and we are for some inexplicable reason not going to get it. Sometimes she shows an intense focus during training exercises–like she has plenty of training, just not traditional obedience training. It also took her two full months to understand the concept of play, as if she hadn’t played with another dog, just for fun, since she was a puppy.  She’s made great strides in adapting to life as a pet:  She tries to drag us off into the forest less often now and she and Sasso play fight and chase each other with the best of them. And Lizzie certainly enjoys a warm bed and two square meals a day, no matter what, and she loves lounging in the sun. We may be creating a fictional back story for Lizzie, but since we’ll never know for sure, what’s the harm?

Sasso is in seventh heaven to have a constant companion.  And Lizzie is a cuddler, a sweetheart with us in every way.  And how can you resist that face?


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